You could say preparing great tasting food is in Tony Winn’s blood. Born into a food family of cooks and restaurant owners, Winn is the proud owner of American BBQ and Grill Co. in Cottonwood, Calif.

“I obsess over every ingredient,” Winn said. “I only hope everyone can taste the work and passion that goes into every order.”

The Naval veteran of Operation Desert Storm remembers peeling potatoes at his grandmother’s restaurant before he could hardly walk. He’s worked plenty of other jobs in his life to make a living, but preparing food and making people happy has always been the passion to which he returned. That love affair with food prep led him to Culinary Art School nearly a decade ago to achieve his Chef’s Certificate.

After returning to Cottonwood from school, his dream began to take shape. For me, it’s all about the look on a customer’s face. “That is why I do it.”

His true calling is BBQ because of the time and patience it takes to create something his customers will not only remember, but keep coming back to enjoy. “When you smoke something for 10-12 hours, people realize you are committed to the craft.”

That commitment led Winn to convert a box trailer three years ago into a place where that BBQ art form becomes craft. Working with friends, family, and his wife through nights and weekends, the dream has come true. He lovingly dedicates the finished product, both food and trailer, to his late brother Jeremy.

As you can see, it’s in his blood. And the commitment to the craft is worth the visit to American BBQ and Grill Co. Enjoy, and be sure to let Tony see the look on your face.